Waggener Alumni Scholarship Program


Dear Fellow Waggener Alumni,


The Waggener Alumni Association has begun a scholarship program for deserving seniors who plan on attending college, a trade school, or enlisting in the military.   The students complete an essay outlining their experiences at Waggener, what they will do with the scholarship, and why they feel they are deserving.    The scholarships are $500 each and are decided upon by the WHS Alumni Board of Directors.  Four scholarships were awarded this past May from funds donated by some anonymous alumni.   This was our inaugural award and we need your help to improve and continue the program.  We

plan on using a contact person from each graduating class to get this message out to as many Waggener alumni as

possible.   Donations to the fund can be in any amount you feel comfortable with - and they are tax deducible.  Every little bit helps and no amount is too small.  - it all goes to a great cause.   The initial donations last year ranged from $25 to



We encourage all Alumni to participate in this program designed to help Waggener students advance their education - make your checks out to "Waggener Alumni Association" and add "Scholarship Fund Class of XX" in the memo line.   We will track all donations by class.  Mail checks to:


Nancy Gary, Treasurer Waggener Alumni Association Waggener High School

330 S. Hubbards Lane

Louisville, Ky 40207


Thanks for your help in advance.    If you have questions, please contact me at  butchriley1@verizon.net or Alumni

President Lori Brown at  loricbrown@bellsouth.net




The WHS Alumni Association started this program last year to try to encourage students to further their education.  As you probably know, the Waggener of today is a far cry from the Waggener we knew.  It's tough just getting a current student interested in college so we're trying to increase applications and admissions.    The Alumni Association is sponsoring several programs to help the overall education process at Waggener.  There is a food bank run by our Alumni President Lori Brown, that distributes food to hungry and needy students - remember today's WHS is very different from our

WHS.    There is a Freshman mentoring program where we pair up a Freshman with an Alumni volunteer.   Today I

believe we have 60 students getting help and advice from a WHS graduate.   There is a monthly lunch/meeting with the WHS athletic director, Jamie Dumstorf (a WHS grad) to discuss the athletics and address any needs they have.   This year this group of ex athletes paid for the football team to go to football camp at Danville.   The Alumni Assn. has installed a marble Memorial on one end of the football field recognizing WHS students who lost their lives serving in the

military.   Leading up to the Memorial are numerous engraved brick pavers - some with individual recognition, and other

large ones recognizing teams.   There are 40 bricks recognizing every player and coach on our '63 football state runner up team, the same for the '61 state runner up baseball team, and the same recognizing every player who Doc Adams

coached while at Waggener.


The current scholarships are small today $500 each, but we hope to increase that number as more donations are received.    Last year the Scholarship Selection Committee awarded 4 scholarships to seniors.  The Committee reviews the essays each student submits and selects who they feel is most deserving.  Last year (the first) most of the essays were "weak" but we're hoping to improve the content by mentoring the process.   Our Alumni Assn. is a registered tax deductible organization.   I can get you the number(s) if you need them.   Lori Brown asked if I would "jump start" the program so we're using Class Contacts to get the word out to their respective classes. We currently have 23 identified (mostly in the 60's and 70's) but we're still tying to identify more and get the word out.


Hope this answers most of your questions..  Here is the link to the WHS Alumni website if you care to browse it

-  http://www.waggeneralumni.com/class_index.cfm   There is some interesting information on this site.


The next Alumni meeting is Nov. 18th if you care to sit in..


Butch Riley